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Whether you want to start a project from scratch or are looking to strengthen your existing development muscle, we have the right team for you. We also conduct rescue missions of previous projects, cleaning up the messes and completing unfinished development to get your software up and running exactly as you intended. 



Extend your DevOPS Team

Multi-Tenant SAAS Products

Mascottech LLC leverages the agility and strength of open source technologies to build stable and scalable SAAS solutions. Mascottech knowledgeable application development team comes from diverse backgrounds, and are well-equipped to provide custom programming services that guarantee code and application longevity and scalability. Mascottech helps entrepreneurs and corporate businesses bring innovative ideas to life, and then drive inefficiencies out of them.  Mascottech offers custom web application development to various industries verticals including healthcare, financial sector, retail, government and ICT companies. Masocttech works on the latest cutting-edge technology stack such as ROR, AngularJS, Python/Django, PHP, .NET, Node.js, Ember.js, and REST APIs. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive experience in application development.

  • A diverse pool of skill-set. 

  • Agile methodology to develop your product in an iterative, incremental and evolutionary manner.

  • Ongoing support to clients.

  • Excellent project management with industry specific knowledge.

Mobile Application Development

Mascottech designs advanced mobile solutions for business, communication, social networking, and entertainment. Mascottech mobile apps are for all popular devices like iPhone, iPad and various Android run devices.

Why Choose Us?​

  • Strong expertise in native mobile application development

  • Cost-effective mobile solutions

  • Training and ongoing support for smooth running for your mobile applications


Web Designs

Mascottech is a leading Website Design Company which offers creative website designs. These creative designs are one of the key elements of any website that plays a vital role to gain attention of the visitors.

These designs can be role changers and have prospects to convert website users into consumers. Expert in HTML5 and Bootstrap to provide a pleasant and flawless experience to the visitors. Website designs help you in branding your businesses.

Why Choose Us?

  • Listen, advice, and communicate are three pillars of our website design process

  • Strong collaboration with the clients

  • Creative and passionate designing

  • Differentiated designs supporting employer branding campaigns


Digital Marketing

Mascottech plays a vital role in providing excellent opportunities to businesses to execute the most innovative and unique branding in the World Wide Web sphere.

We are a leading digital marketing agency providing search engine optimization and social media marketing services across industries. As a consultant Mascottech critically analyze your business objectives and devise digital marketing campaign accordingly.

Why Choose Us?

  • Brand centric campaigns

  • Result-driven strategies

  • Equipped with high research skills


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