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Angular Development


AngularJS is built on the belief that declarative programming should be used to create user interfaces and connect software components, while imperative programming is better suited to defining an application's business logic. The framework adapts and extends traditional HTML to present dynamic content through two-way data-binding that allows for the automatic synchronization of models and views. As a result, AngularJS de-emphasizes explicit DOM manipulation with the goal of improving testability and performance.


AngularJS's design goals include:

  • to decouple DOM manipulation from application logic. The difficulty of this is dramatically affected by the way the code is structured.

  • to decouple the client side of an application from the server side. This allows development work to progress in parallel, and allows for reuse of both sides.

  • to provide structure for the journey of building an application: from designing the UI, through writing the business logic, to testing.


Angular implements the MVC pattern to separate presentation, data, and logic components. Using dependency injection, Angular brings traditionally server-sideservices, such as view-dependent controllers, to client-side web applications. Consequently, much of the burden on the server can be reduced. This framework is maintained by Google and helps the developers to build super responsive websites. It helps to create a smooth web performance experience for users. With AngularJS every feature can be modified or replaced to suit your unique development workflow and feature needs. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries.

Mascottech uses AngularJS framework to build web apps that are not only responsive but also aesthetically appealing. These features guarantee great user experience,  and we build custom web applications using this fantastic technology framework that helps organization to get into market quicker. We have AngularJS developers who have expertise to use AngularJS through directives, localization, extended functionalities, and globalization.




  • Spead and Efficiency

  • Dynamic and Agile solutions

  • Mobile friendly website

  • Create software quickly

  • Scalable coding

  • Efficient maintainance

  • Improves the testability the software

  • Encourages good programming practices

  • Collaboration with community

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