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Phone Gap

Mascottech is a Mobile App Development Company which works on cross-platform app frameworks. We have expertise to create mobile applications through cross platform mobile development. For this reason, we use PhoneGap as cross platform mobile development framework. This supports our development team to create mobile applications using standardized web APIs. Mobile applications developed on PhoneGap are based on flexible technologies like CSSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry are well supported by PhoneGap.

How PhoneGap Works:

Web view of HTML, JavaScipt, and CSS are wrapped in a native application when using PhoneGap. It is essential because web views do not support certain device features like accessing file system and camera. Therefore, PhoneGap bridges this gap and comes with plug-ins to support device features like access to file system, camera, contacts, and media playback, Facebook connect, and calendars etc. PhoneGap empowers developers to use native features in applications that eventually leads to improved bevhaviour of PhoneGap in comparison with other platforms.

Hence, this cross platform mobile development has become the most popular framework for starters and currently over 2 billion devices are run on PhoneGap.


Why Choose PhoneGap Development:

PhoneGap offers developers access to the rich device functionalities allowing them to make mobile apps useful and interesting.

Applications built in PhoneGap can be logically deployed on iPhone, Android, Windows mobile and various other devices.

Applications built in PhoneGap are higher on performance and make applications to be suitable on latest gadgets thus it leads to higher return on investment for the companies.


At Mascottech, we have devoted PhoneGap developers who are proficient and committed in PhoneGap programming. Our PhoneGap developers are experienced and trained in all phases of PhoneGap application development process. If you need an application that can be run on all devices, then you are invited to contact our Mobile App Developers for your mobile app solutions


You can hire Mobile App Developers from Mascottech for your PhoneGap solutions.


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