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Inspection Manager:

As a property manager completing inspections is a vital part of the job, but instead of being seen as a time consuming process, Inspection Manager is transforming Inspections into a streamlined and productive business function.

Inspection Manager is simple to use. Users can sign up on their website, and gain access to the web based CMS to manage all your properties & inspections. Log into the App on iPhone or iPad and complete your inspection. Sync it back to the Web based CMS, generate the report as a PDF with the click of a button.

Inspection Manager is the only digital inspection system to integrate with REST Professional (minimum V10.5 required) and allow your properties to be automatically created and updated in our CMS as part of a nightly automated synchronisation. This nightly sequence will also create upcoming routine inspections, and ensure all data is up to date. 

Technical InfoIn this app:Inspection data is coming from server and saved in form of files on phone.We are showing data in ListView, UITableViews, GridViews Making dynamic design layouts on basis of json providedAutocomplete text view for ease of user.Custom Layout to add comments on PhotoShow locations of inspections on Maps Show inspections on in-app calendarBug sense for tracking issues in app.

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