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Our clients were looking for a single product in the market which would give the ability manage their stores and to take online orders without having to pay huge sums in Commissions.The only option they had was to buy EPOS terminals (which would become obsolete after a year) and buy a Just-Eat or Hungry House terminal (and they would end up with having to pay ever increasing commissions for online orders).Something just wasn’t right. After all, they are the ones preparing the food that customers love and enjoy. They are the ones who have to deal with them if anything goes wrong. But they are the ones that were being left out of pocket! We embarked on this journey with our clients to develop a solution that works for them, 18 month’s later and now we have a product that we are proud of – that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and best of all is Commission free!
We’ve highlighted some of the features for you below that make our product so attractive:


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