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PHP Development


Hypertext Preprocessor or in short PHP is a popular scripting language for creating web pages and can be embedded into HTML. PHP is powering 70% of websites and it has emerged as the most widely used server-side language. PHP web development has made an innovative impact on website development and enhancing their functionality.

At Mascottech, we have PHP developers who have expertise in creating websites from target audience’s perspective so that website becomes popular in no time. Our PHP Web Developers carefully analyzes client’s requirements and popular trends of intended target audience. These requirements and trends are incorporated in web development process. This approach ensures that our client’s product becomes famous in the relevant industry.


Our PHP developers write code that results in easy to use website. We have worked on hundreds of projects, websites and applications for all verticals of the industry. With full knowledge of PHP code packages, and libraries; our PHP developers can create dynamic websites that are a class apart from others.


We deliver custom web application development in PHP frameworks. We also integrate 3rd party software such as content management systems, shopping carts and social media modules. We use Model View Controller – MVC powerful architecture to create expressive, responsive, efficient as well as reusable web applications.


  • PHP is so simple to scale and to program because there are more PHP programmers than other languages.

  • PHP is a database friendly platform

  • PHP supports to create dynamic, well-optimized websites

  • Overall cost of PHP is less than any language.


Although PHP development is server-side scripting but our PHP developers have expertise to do much more than this with your website. This approach has made us one of top PHP development companies in the industry. We strive to keep ourselves updated with the changes in PHP and ensure that these changes are incorporated in your website at anytime.

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