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Python Development


Python is a general purpose programming language. If performance is critical, Python offers many options and tools to help you get the most out of your application. It's readable, flexible and very expressive. All these characteristics make it a productive language.

Mascottech, being a Web Development Company, uses Python framework for custom web development. Mascottech utilizes Python based framework Django which is powerful cloud development environment. Django is an open source web framework designed for large-scale web application. It has features of high speed performance and classiness.

  1. ReadabilityThe syntax of Python is readable and clear. The way it is organized, it imposes some order to programmers. Beginners and experts can easily understand the code and everyone can become quite productive in Python very rapidly. It is quite essential to mention that Python has lesser “dialects” than other popular languages, such as Perl.

  2. It Is Straightforward to Get Support. The community of Python always offers good amount of support to the Python users. As we are already aware of the fact that Python code is freely accessible for everyone and therefore millions of developers all over the world are functioning hard to find bugs and craft patches to fix all those bugs. Several individuals are crafting fresh enhancements to the language and sending them for approval.

  3. Quick to Code. Python programming language offers quick feedback in a lot of ways. First of all, the programmer can easily skip several tasks that other languages want him to take. The cost of program maintenance comes down eventually. Python even permits a quick adaptation of the code. This language can simply be termed as a ready-to-run language, which just requires a simple code to be executed. Testing and playing around with your programming code becomes quite simple with Python. This language even offers a bottom up development style in which you can easily construct your applications by testing and importing crucial functions in the interpreter before you write the top-level code, which calls all the functions. Not many people know that the interpreter is easily extensible. It allows you to embed your favorite C code as a simple yet compiled extension module.

  4. Reusability. Python motivates the program reusability by carefully implementing packages and modules. A huge set of modules has already been innovated and is offered as the Standard Python Library, which is an essential part of the Python distribution. You can simply share the functionality between different programs just by breaking them into several modules and reusing them as components of other specific programs.

  5. Portability. Python not just runs on multiple systems, but it even has a similar interface on different platforms. The design of this language isn’t particularly attached to a certain operating system as it is written in portable ANSI C. It implies that you can easily write a Python program on a MAC operating system, test it on a Linux operating system, and upload it easily to a Windows system.

  6. Object-oriented Programming. Normally, scripting languages have different object-orientation support in the programming language. It works as a simple add-on. However, everything in this language is specially designed to be object oriented. You can get started with the programming process by making use of non-OO structures. Object oriented programming is not just simple, but quite beneficial as well.

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