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Content strategy for small and medium businesses

Content strategy is a term used to describe an activity that involves planning, organizing and publishing content that is appealing and relevant for the audience you want to attract. If you are able to deliver the content to the right people at the right time, your business can expect great success. Although this sounds like an easy task, the truth is that it requires much time and effort and in most cases professional help from companies that are experts in the field of online and television marketing.

When small and medium business owners want to create content they usually have dilemmas about how to get ideas or which type of content is suitable for their business. So, it is better to find answers to some questions before you start realizing such strategy because without a good plan you will most likely fail.

To start with, you need to analyze your current content and see the results that this content produces and where can you make improvements. Analyze the type of content you are publishing and how often you do that. Using the major search engines like Google can be very helpful. For example, you can use the main keywords related to your business and niche and check whether your company appears on the first page on Google. Check the websites of your direct competitors and see what kind of content they are using. Do they use videos, images, blog posts, audio files etc? Now that we have mentioned some types of content that is usually used for marketing purposes let’s get into details.

Videos – small and medium businesses have difficult time competing with big companies. Creating a video can help any business send their message to a virtually unlimited number of viewers. In some cases you don’t even have to invest much. All it matters is the idea and the message and if it is presented in the right way the effects will be imminent.

Blogs and articles – Although many people believe that this form of content is not very useful in the Digital Age, they are wrong. If the content is engaging and relevant, your website will become more popular and its ranking on Google will increase. This means that you will get more prospective customers. Post these blog posts and articles on a regular basis and share information that is useful.

eBooks and How-To guides – This type of written content requires more efforts, but the results can be even better. Just like in the case of writing articles, your business will have to find a topic that is interesting and relevant to your niche.

In addition, every small and medium business can use content such as whiteboard animations, webinars, infomercials, press releases, guest blogging and other forms of content to improve their business and increase their brand awareness.

The use of social media is one of the crucial elements of every successful content strategy. There are literally millions of social media users that are active on a daily basis and your business can profit a lot in case the content you produce is shared over the social media. You need to invest in building strong social media profiles on popular networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You also need to be active and responsive. The content businesses share over social networks can easily become viral.

As you can see, content strategy is very important for small and medium businesses and in case business owners want to get the most from this strategy they need to rely on professionals who have experience in this field.

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